“It’s A Gift” Short Story (now available to buy on Amazon Kindle)

For a Module I studied last semester called “Science Fiction and Fantasy”, I wrote the story of how Penny and Oliver met.

Penelope Koboyashi is a nineteen year old girl of British and Japanese ancestry. She is an E.S.L who has healing powers. With shoulder-length black hair and a passion for smoky eyeliner, Penny is one of the youngest members of the Integration Program. She realised she was asexual when she was fifteen and has not yet told her parents, what with them still living in Japan and only contacting her via text message. Despite her rebellious appearance and short temper, Penny is always capable of seeing the bigger picture.

Oliver Chapel was born, raised and trained in the United States of America before getting transferred to Germany. After four years, he requested to join the Integration Program and was relocated to Britain. Oliver is often told that his reckless bravery is going to get him killed, but he’s loyal and has an unwavering moral compass. He told his family that he was gay when he was thirteen years old. Coincidentally, that’s when his parents decided to enrol him in military school. He likes to think it’s not connected, but Oliver hasn’t seen his parents since he graduated and left for Germany. As a twenty-two year old, Oliver is happy to lose himself in work. He also likes to lose himself in the eyes of Albert Birks, an E.S.L who works in St. Reeves Hospital.

It’s A Gift tells the story of how Penny and Oliver meet, and their first case together as a team. Ordered to track down and rescue a young E.S.L, whose ability to grow and control plants is desired by some less-than-savoury characters, the pair find themselves fighting their way out of a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city.

It’s A Gift is now available to purchase on Amazon Kindle here!

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