I know that my short stories and novel world will have a bunch of weird stuff you might not be able to wrap your head around, so I thought I would  make this page just to answer some of the most common questions people have asked me after reading my work.

What’s an E.S.L?
An E.S.L is someone who has special abilities. It stands for Esseri Senza Limiti, which is Italian for Limitless Beings.

What is the Integration Program (IP)?
The Integration Program was founded by Maggie Fofana-Ba, the E.S.L Ambassador for the city of Harwood. Before its existence, police were unlawfully biased against E.S.Ls and police brutality etc. was commonplace. The IP partners a trained E.S.L agent with a human officer in order to reduce bias when it comes to policing. One of the best examples of this is Penelope Koboyashi and Oliver Chapel.