Technicolour Blood

Technicolour Blood is a collection of short stories that all centre around characters from my novel, yet to be named. I guess the idea is that I take the most interesting side characters from my novel and write their origin story in a few thousand words or so.

The first one, It’s A Gift, focuses on Penelope Koboyashi, Oliver Chapel and their first case together as partners on the Integration Program. The find themselves at a run-down farm house while tracking down a young E.S.L boy who has the ability to control plants. It’s available here!

My second short story, Matches, follows Amelia Reed through some of her most challenging childhood memories. Amelia Reed is an E.S.L who has the ability to control fire. Matches tells the story of how Amelia ended up as one of the pioneers for the Integration Program and her experience of the foster system as an E.S.L. It’s coming soon.


The stories will be on Amazon for free if you have Kindle Unlimited (or it’s available for 99p).


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